3 social media platforms you can’t ignore in 2016


Social media is always a very lively platform for marketing your business. There are some emerging social media platforms which have become very successful within a very short time. Here are 3 social media platforms that seem to be very promising this year.



This is a visual discovery tool that brainstorms ideas for different projects and interests.This has become a very popular social media platform now. Pinterest now has more than 100 million monthly active users. The content in Pinterest has bigger lifespan than any other social platform. 75% of the traffic in Pinterest! comes through mobile.



Through this platform, users can send stories and contents. It’s simple and versatile. As a result, it’s popularity is growing. Initially, it started as friend-based interactions. Slowly, it expanded to brands. It’s sponsored geofilters have created an excellent opportunity for businesses. Users can customize their stories that relates to the brand with logo using this geofilter feature. It is also possible to send live story video.



Instagram! has grabbed 400 million monthly active users in just five years. About 80 million photos are being shared every day through Instagram! It has now become a very powerful social media platform. Try to use your hashtags properly; you will get 30% more engagement.

These three social media platforms look very promising this year. If you own a business then you should make good use of these platforms to reach huge number of audiences with your content.

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