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5 digital marketing techniques to attract more customers to your spa


Every business is unique. Therefore, the marketing strategies of each business are also unique. It is also true for spa or salon businesses like Vimi Medi Spa. Here are 5 digital marketing techniques that will attract more customers to your spa or salon:

1. Engaging content

The content of your website must be engaging. You must try to answer common questions using quality contents. You can look for the questions people are searching for in Google. You can simply start typing a question and see what autocompletes show. Try to have answers to these questions in your content. Common questions can be ‘what are the benefits of steam bath?’ or ‘how long can I use sauna?’, etc.

2. Use Facebook’s Targeted Advertising

You can create a campaign targeting present fans, new fans, or both. Your post should be compelling and include eye-catching pictures. A post with 10% click-through-rate and $0.50-$0.30 cost per engagement is very successful.

3. Invest in your website

Make your website stand out from your competitors. Your website is the first impression that a customer will get. So invest money on a good SEO-friendly website. Have good contents and pictures in your website and make it attractive.

4. Start blogging

Create a blog on health and fitness and start posting good articles. The audiences should find the articles useful. That way they will be compelled to click on the links you provide on your blog. You can post these blog articles on Facebook as well.

5. Use video marketing

Video marketing is very effective as it gives soul to your message. It can be used to tell a story in a compelling way. If you make video of your sauna service, or steam bath, people will become very attracted seeing the video.

If these digital marketing tools are used smartly, then your spa or salon business can attract many customers and so increase the revenue of your business.